Lubrica 100 Plus


Lubrica 100 Plus multi-grade motor oil is manufactured of highly refined base oils and a specially selected additive package, meeting the requirements of API CF-4/SG performance level.

Lubrica ATF II D


Lubrica ATF II D oils are manufactured of high quality base oil components and an additive package, ensuring high viscosity index and very good oxidation resistance.

Lubrica Extra (SHPD)

Lubrica Extra (SHPD) are multi-grade motor oils with high performance characteristics, manufactured of suitable base oil components and a balanced additive package.

Lubrica EP SAE90/ SAE140/ SAE 80W-90/ SAE 85W-140


Lubrica EP transmission oils are a colloidal system of effectively selected mineral base oils and a multifunctional additive package, improving the anti-seizure, anti-wear and anti-oxidation properties.

Lubrica STOU


Lubrica STOU super universal tractor oil is manufactured from high viscosity index base oil and a multifunctional additive package ensuring high detergent-dispersant, anti-seizure and anti-oxidation properties, good resistance to mechanical destruction and stable operation in a wide temperature range.