Lubrica Frezol


Lubrica Frezol – metal working fluid is manufactured on the base of refined low-viscosity base oil and a combination of additives improving its lubricating, anti-wear and anti-seizure properties.

It is produced in the following viscosity grades: VG 10, 15, 22 and 32.





Oil-based metal working fluid designed for lubrication and cooling of cutting tools for non-ferrous metals and their alloys processing by cutting, turning, milling, grinding and other achining operations.
Lubrica Frezol is particularly suitable for lubricating and cooling of cutting tools for processing of aluminum and aluminum alloys on automated mills.


Technical Designation


lubrica_checkmark_green ISO-L-MHB –  ISO 6743/7

lubrica_checkmark_green СОТ/Р-М/М1 – BDS 14740-82 and BDS 14745-82