A0015192LUBRICA is a Bulgarian company with head office and main manufacturing facility in Ruse.

Since its establishment in 1996, the company has been specializing in the manufacture of motor, industrial and special oils. During the years, LUBRICA gained experience and technical expertise in this field. This has made us one of the leading Bulgarian companies in lubricant manufacture.

The company has substantial production capacity and a broad sales network. LUBRICA offers a wide range of over 150 high-quality petroleum products. LUBRICA is certified to BDS EN ISO 9001:2008.

The company has state-of-the-art chemical/technical laboratory accredited to BDS EN ISO/IEC 17025:2006.

LUBRICA is investing in innovative technology to reduce production cost and environmental impact and improve end product quality.We are committed to protecting the environment and maintaining high safety standards.

Customer relations are the foundation of LUBRICA’s market behavior. The company strives to provide support to its partners for the implementation of their projects. LUBRICA is working towards building of long-term relations with its partners through high professional standards and mutual trust.

The success of LUBRICA is due to our expertise, business ingenuity, strong partnerships and our proven ability to deliver high quality services and products.

Major corporate clients

lubrica_checkmark_green Alkomet JSC

lubrica_checkmark_green Bultex – 1 Ltd.

lubrica_checkmark_green Brikel JSC

lubrica_checkmark_green Balkan agro Aviation JSC

lubrica_checkmark_green Elektrorazpredelenie – Pleven JSC

lubrica_checkmark_green M+C Hydraulic JSC

lubrica_checkmark_green PIH Industry JSC

lubrica_checkmark_green Toplofikatsia Ruse

lubrica_checkmark_green Transstroy JSC

lubrica_checkmark_green Bobov Dole TPP

lubrica_checkmark_green CEZBulgariaJSC


Foreign partners

lubrica_checkmark_green ExxonMobil – Italy

lubrica_checkmark_green INA Rafinerija Nafte – Croatia

lubrica_checkmark_green Lubrizol France – France

lubrica_checkmark_green Infineum UK Ltd. – England

lubrica_checkmark_green InterfermAG – Switzerland

lubrica_checkmark_green MOL – Hungary

lubrica_checkmark_green Hightech USA

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