The laboratory for petroleum product testing is a separate unit in the structure of Lubrica Ltd. performing tests of all raw materials and products. The state-of- the- art equipment allows for broader range of laboratory tests.





PursuanttoAccreditationCertificate (BDS EN ISO/IEC 17025:2006) issuedbytheBulgarianAccreditationService, thelaboratoryisaccreditedtoperformtestsof:

Base oil components, AN lubricants, hydraulic, turbine, compressor, reducer gear, transformer, transmission, and motor oils, oils for two-stroke petrol engines, lubricating and cooling fluids, special application oils, cooling low freezing point fluids, diesel engine fuels, gasoil for industrial and household use, boiler fuels.

The laboratory operates a Quality Management System according to

BDS EN ISO/IEC17025:2006.