Lubrica antifreeze concentrate


“Lubrica Аntifreeze concentrate “- low temperature freezing fluid designed for all seasons cooling of internal combustion engines. Manufactured on the basis of ethylene-glycol and an additive package ensuring high anti-corrosion properties of the fluid and chemical inertia to metal and non-metal sealing.

Lubrica antifreeze


Lubrica Antifreeze is ready for use diluted with water cooling fluid Lubrica Аntifreeze concentrate with a specified initial crystallization temperature.

Lubrica DOT 3 / DOT-4


Lubrica DOT 3 and Lubrica DOT-4 brake fluids are manufactured from glycols and glycol ethers in combination with an additive package ensuring protection against corrosion of metal surfaces in the brake systems, high resistance to oxidation and non-aggressiveness to rubber sealing.