Lubrica MH-M


 Lubrica MH-M hydraulic oils are manufactured from refined base oils blended with anti-oxidation, anti-corrosion additives, anti-foaming, anti-corrosion and anti-seizure additives.

Depending on the type and composition of the used metal containing additives there are two formulations of the oils (with ash and ashless additive) meeting the requirements of MH-M(P) and MH-M(B) performance level.
Each performance level includes oils from eight viscosity grades: ISO VG-10, 15, 22, 32, 46, 68, 100 and 150.




Lubrica MH-М hydraulic oils are used as working fluids in hydrostatic oil systems, as well as for lubrication of friction units of various machines, requiring oils with high oxidation resistance, good protective properties and improved anti-wear and anti-seizure properties. The ashless hydraulic oils MH-M (B) are used in cases when there are non-ferrous metal parts in the lubricated systems.



Technical Designation

lubrica_checkmark_green ISO-L-HM – BDS ISO 6743/4



lubrica_checkmark_green BDS ISO 11158 – НМ

lubrica_checkmark_green DIN 51524, part 2(HLP)