Lubrica Super


Lubrica Super multi-grade motor oils are manufactured of high quality base oil fractions and an appropriately selected additive package, providing very good high- and low- temperature rheology.       products_pattern



Lubrica Super multi-grade motor oils are designed for lubrication of heavy duty diesel engines with or without turbo chargers, operating under variable conditions. Recommended for lubrication of engines of trucks, buses, passenger cars and light commercial vehicles. They find use also for lubrication of gasoline engines requiring motor oils of API SF grade.



lubrica_checkmark_green SAE J300

lubrica_checkmark_green API CD/SF

lubrica_checkmark_greenACEA B2-98/A2-96

According to SAE J300 the oils are produced in the following viscosity grades: 15W40; 20W40; 20W50.